e-Commerce Solutions
If you provide a service or a product to the public or to other businesses then you can benefit from a presence on the World Wide Web. We can help you decide on the detail of that presence. Some businesses only need a simple web site that gives information about them and their products or services, much like a brochure. Other companies benefit from incorporating more advanced features like on-line ordering or access to information such as up-to-date prices



If you think that the Internet is a place for the "big boys" and isn't something you need to do as a small business person, then think again. The major growth in the Internet in the coming years is going to come from small businesses and entrepreneurs marketing and offering their products and services. More and more households and businesses are integrating computers and the Internet into their daily activities. The Internet is in many cases becoming the primary resource for questions and answers.
So what exactly do you need? We will work with you and your staff to identify the solution that meets your specific situation.

Let us show you how a basic web site can get you up and going on the World Wide Web

Domain Registration and Hosting


What is a Domain Name? Think of it as your House address on the World Wide Web. You purchase the rights to use the name and pay yearly, sometimes longer renewal fees.

Got the name all picked out but it's been registered by someone else? In most cases our consultants will work with you to identify several modifications of your original name from which comes the one that everyone eventually bookmarks. Once we have the name, PCChip will take care of getting it registered and setting it up on a server along with setting up personal mailboxes. In less than two days you will be able to send and receive mail using your own personal domain name.

  Web Site Design

From initial concept to Domain Name registration to final look, we can take you where you want to go on the Wild, Wild, Web.
We work closely with you to achieve the "Look and Feel" you require for your web site. We strive to design and create an efficient, fast and reliable site. We are experienced in integrating a clean, professional layout that not only draws potential customers and clients to specific content but but at the same time provides easy navigation.
We integrate the power and features of tools like PhotoShop, Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver to bring your site to life and draw visitors to that specific content that creates revenue for you.