In-House Training

We are part of an economy that demands timely information and decisions while at the same time demanding flexibility. Too often we fail to satisfy our own personal development. PCChip provides you with some flexibility along with effective learning opportunities.


Software Tools

We will come to your home and using your computer provide instruction on the specific tools that you need to learn. We have real life experience with the Microsoft Office Tools to include Visio and MS Project. Whatever your software training needs, we will assist you in developing the skills and knowledge needed to be productive.

Internet and the World Wide Web

Do you have uncertainties about this thing they call the Internet? Are you unsure if it is a tool or some evil force? Understanding the Internet will allow you to see how it enhances study, information gathering, decision making and even keeping in touch with family and friends. Used correctly it will become an asset to you both from a professional point as well as personal. Whether you are in business or just at home surfing for fun, you could be accomplishing more.

We will come in, assess how you are utilizing the web, and then make suggestions that will allow you to be more productive. We can also come in and start from scratch and help you to see all the things the Web can mean to you.

We will also enhance your knowledge of the Internet and show you how to maximize your time retrieving useful information from the web. With PCChip you will get more out of your Internet experience.

  Additional Hardware
  Purchasing new equipment that we refer to as peripherals can create some learning opportunities. PCChip will assist you in configuring and working those purchases. These include such items as printers, scanners, cameras, games, etc.