Small Business Solutions
The growth and maturity of the Internet and e-Commerce has increased the complexity of not only technology but also business processes and relationships. The staff at PCChip has been a part of that growth since its beginning and have experience in most of the disciplines that are practiced by truly successful companies and smaller institutions. That is just one of the many reasons we can assist you in maximizing the use of technology while at the same time avoiding unnecessary and sometimes unexpected cost and risk. Unlike other solution providers, we work with you to enhance your organization through technology, not hinder it. We take time to listen and understand your desired outcomes and objectives. We work to identify alternative solutions that satisfy your requirements and take time to explain them in terms you understand and feel good about.

Process Improvement


Even the small companies can suffer from a lack of communication and process integration between departments.

PCChip will work with your different areas and enhance their ability to work as a cohesive enterprise, providing consistent information and services. Not only will we work to establish effective communication between the groups, we make it possible for them to identify Opportunities for Improvements, (OFIs) and then work with them to implement those improvements.

IT Services Consulting


Small businesses and college institutions are slowly becoming dependent on IT services. For many that may mean establishing and staffing an IT department. One of the most serious mistakes leaders can make is to allow only one or two individuals to know how everything is integrated. That becomes their security and often their ability to have control over the leaders.

PCChip will come in and work with you to build the IT department from the ground up or evaluate your current environment and provide recommended actions. We will work with your IT staff to establish Business Continuity Plans, (BCPs) and Service Level Agreements, (SLAs) with each department they support.

  Vendor Selection

If you are looking to outsource some business functions or change vendors/service providers, PCChip will assist you in determining which vendor provides the best match for you. If the service is critical to your operation, you cannot afford to make a selection without satisfying some critical evaluation tasks. Just as important as selecting the right vendor or service provider is the process of establishing Service Level Agreements, (SLAs).

At PCChip we have extensive experience in researching and evaluating vendors and working with business leaders to make the right decisions.

  Employee Selection

The interviewing of a candidate represents the highest “touch point” in a selection process. Organizations need to ensure that their hiring managers have and demonstrate the interviewing skills necessary to arrive at accurate decisions and at the same time make a positive impression on candidates.

At PCChip we have certified Behavioral Interviewers who will work with you to train your staff on how to conduct effective interviewing sessions and the selection process.